Nyeleni, 10 years of fight for agroecology: it is celebrated!

As part of the commemorative celebrations of its 10th anniversary, the Nyeleni de Selingué International Training Center for Farmer Agroecology (CIFAN) was full of people from 22 countries in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. September to October 1st. They were mainly peasants, researchers and advocates of the peasant agricultural world to take stock of the 10 years of struggle for agroecology.

As a reminder in 2007, peasants, pastors, fishermen, women and young people from all over came together in Selingué, Mali, through the Forum for Food Sovereignty in 2007 which was sanctioned by a so-called Nyeleni declaration. This meeting culminated in the creation of the International Training Center for Nyeleni Farmers’ Agroecology (CIFAN) whose aim is to train farmers in agroecology.

Moreover, it should be noted that Nyéléni is a courageous peasant Malian became legendary for being a great farmer and have fed his family. She embodies food sovereignty through her work, her ability to innovate and her attention to others.

During the opening ceremony, the president of the National Coordination of Farmers Organizations (CNOP), Ibrahima Coulibaly, welcomed the results obtained during these 10 years in the fight through the holding of several training and awareness activities. Before insisting on the need for farmers to continue this fight for their well-being and also for the health of the environment. The ceremony was followed by the screening of a message from FAO’s Olivier De Schutter. This ceremony recorded the presence of the Mayor and the representative of the Sous-prefet de Selingué as well as the Ministry of Agriculture.

During the four days, exchanges, documentary film screenings, plenary presentations and group work and even product exhibitions marked the festivities marking the 10th anniversary of the creation of CIFAN.

Presentations focused on experiences of struggle for access to land and recognition of the rights of farmers in Burkina, Benin, Niger and Senegal; climate change ; Peasant agroecology, agricultural biodiversity and importance in animal nutrition; issues related to local breeds of chicken; seed security assessment: the case of the communes of Safo, Diago, Tienfala and Baya. In addition, panelists debated the themes relating to the place of young people and women in the promotion of agroecology in Africa (in the case of Senegal, Niger and Mali), the promotion of peasant agro-ecological products, women and men. land, the collective dynamics of women in production, processing and marketing activities, the mapping of local and solidarity-based partnerships for agroecology in West Africa.

In addition, four (4) experiences of agro-ecological schools in Africa (Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Niger, Mali) were also presented with the ambition of creating a dynamic construction of other agro-ecological schools. In other countries. This with a vision to defend an agriculture around family farms based on agroecology peasant in the context of food sovereignty.

It should be noted that the presence of more than a dozen members of the Global Convergence of the struggles for the Earth and the West African Water gave a particular stamp to the meeting by the quality of their intervention.

To this end, for the organizers, it was through these commemorative activities to take stock of the progress made since the Nyéléni Forum in 2007 by highlighting important themes from the seven pillars of the Nyéléni Peasant Agroecology Manifesto. April 2017 as: Land, seeds, women and youth, Climate change in connection with peasant agroecology, the convergence of food sovereignty networks.
The festive evening was a moment for the participants to join the useful to the pleasant, all danced each in his own way especially with the sounds of their choice. Apparently, there were many nostalgic who also did not pray at all.

Finally, after reading the final communiqué, to draw the curtains of the 10 years of CIFAN, Ibrahima Coulibaly, the president of the CNOP, very happy did not fail to send its heartfelt thanks to all participants national and international. He sends a strong appeal to one and all to continue the fight for the achievement of the objective of protecting the environment through a healthy agriculture, respectful of the health of man and his environment.
Strongly, an agriculture based on knowledge, know-how, know-how and knowledge of the farmers and Lifelong Life at CIFAN for its support to the rural world


Forum Africain sur le rôle et responsabilité des femmes et des jeunes dans la gouvernance foncière

Lieu :

Centre International de Formation en Agroécologie de Nyeleni, Selingué, Mali du 05 au 08 Dec


Le Forum regroupera environ, 600 personnes constitués des autorités coutumières, des représentants des femmes et des jeunes du secteur informel, des représentants des communautés victimes d’accaparement des terres, d’OSC, des universitaires et des autorités administratives et politiques venant de l’Afrique.

Caravane Ouest Africaine, droit à la Terre, à l’Eau et à l’Agroécologie paysanne: une lutte commune !

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Après celle de mars 2016, la CGLTE OA organise la deuxième édition de la caravane ouest africaine, Droit à la terre, l’eau et à l’Agroécologie Paysanne : une lutte commune ! du 10 au 30 novembre 2018
Guinée - Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo et Benin
Plus de 300 personnes participeront à cet évènement qui touchera plus de 10 000 personnes composées de Communautés, Organisations et Mouvements Paysans, Eleveurs, Pêcheurs… ONG, Défenseurs des droits humains, Femmes, Jeunes.