The Global Convergence of the Earth and West African Water Struggles is a synergy of the movements and organizations of the sub-region, to carry out collective actions based on analyzes and common proposals declined in the declaration and the green booklet of the convergence. It is based on principles and convictions clearly defined in these two documents.

Its overall objective is to influence the policies and legislation currently being drafted on land, water, resources and seeds in the ECOWAS and UEMOA region to defend our rights within the framework of food sovereignty. promoting farmer agroecology and relying on the right to food.

Specifically, it aims to:

  • Senbilize the population of West African countries on land, water and seed grabbing and the challenges and challenges related to these resources;
  • Mobilize West African organizations and social movements to build a strong movement to promote and secure the rights of communities and promote family farming based on agroecology and food sovereignty;
  • Commit to peace, justice and social and environmental equity, gender equality, public health and the fight against climate change
  • Interpellate national political and administrative authorities and sub-regional institutions (ECOWAS and UEMOA) on their commitments to the realization of human rights and the implementation of our demands and proposals for the implementation of the FAO guidelines on the right to , guidelines on land tenure governance, the framework of guidelines on land policies in Africa, including their sub-regional declension which is developed in ECOWAS and Mauritania, as well as the regulations on risks related to biotechnologies which are developed by UEMOA.
  • Support all activists and communities defending human rights related to land, water and seeds and denounce their criminalization.

The CGLTE OA relies on the efforts of its members to mobilize and unite the militant actors for the defense and preservation of natural resources for and with rural, peri-urban and urban communities.

It consists of national platforms at the level of the different 14 countries of the West African region. Automatic return line
In terms of operation, the CGLTE AO operates on the basis of:

  • A Coordination Commission composed of 5 members including 2 Anglophones and 3 Francophones. the members are CMAT (Mali), COPAGEN (Senegal), SYNPA (Benin), CEED (Nigeria) and ECASARD (Ghana);
  • A communication commission;
  • Thematic commissions

Forum Africain sur le rôle et responsabilité des femmes et des jeunes dans la gouvernance foncière

Lieu :

Centre International de Formation en Agroécologie de Nyeleni, Selingué, Mali du 05 au 08 Dec


Le Forum regroupera environ, 600 personnes constitués des autorités coutumières, des représentants des femmes et des jeunes du secteur informel, des représentants des communautés victimes d’accaparement des terres, d’OSC, des universitaires et des autorités administratives et politiques venant de l’Afrique.

Caravane Ouest Africaine, droit à la Terre, à l’Eau et à l’Agroécologie paysanne: une lutte commune !

Lieu :


Après celle de mars 2016, la CGLTE OA organise la deuxième édition de la caravane ouest africaine, Droit à la terre, l’eau et à l’Agroécologie Paysanne : une lutte commune ! du 10 au 30 novembre 2018
Guinée - Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo et Benin
Plus de 300 personnes participeront à cet évènement qui touchera plus de 10 000 personnes composées de Communautés, Organisations et Mouvements Paysans, Eleveurs, Pêcheurs… ONG, Défenseurs des droits humains, Femmes, Jeunes.