Faced with the growing scale of land grabbing, water, seeds and natural resources around the world, to the detriment of peasants and increasingly vulnerable communities. Several social and grassroots movements and civil society organizations, engaged in the defense of land and water rights, met in Dakar in October 2014 as part of the African Social Forum to fight and protest against land grabbing of all natural resources, water and land, our common goods, and against the systematic violations of human rights that accompany them. This meeting was sanctioned by a declaration: Rights to land, water and peasant seeds. This statement will be published for membership of other organizations and movements around the world.

The sharing of ideas led them to recognize the essential solidarity of the struggles and to meet again at the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2015 to continue this dialogue with movements and organizations around the world to build a global Convergence of struggles for land and water.

In the Dakar Declaration in Tunis, grassroots organizations and movements committed themselves to continue the process of building this Convergence from the ground up by asserting their rights and presenting real solutions.

In June 2015, in Selingué, Mali, the Sub-Regional Conference - West Africa - Convergence of struggles for land and water that brought together representatives of movements involved in the struggle for human rights. land and water of 11 African countries, has deepened the common strategies of struggle of social movements and grassroots organizations in West Africa. It led to the establishment of the Global Convergence of struggles for land, water - West Africa (CGLTE OA) with the development and validation of an action plan. This was the starting point for a real synergy of national and sub-regional action against land and water grabbing, the consequences of which are detrimental to the stability and autonomy of our countries and endanger the lives of communities.
The key element of this action plan was the organization of a sub-regional caravan "rights to land and water: same damage, same fight" to bring our demands and our proposals to the sub-regional institutions but also to sensitize the communities on the current issues and processes. These demands and proposals were recorded in an advocacy document called Green Book of Convergence which was handed to the current President of ECOWAS.


Forum Africain sur le rôle et responsabilité des femmes et des jeunes dans la gouvernance foncière

Lieu :

Centre International de Formation en Agroécologie de Nyeleni, Selingué, Mali du 05 au 08 Dec


Le Forum regroupera environ, 600 personnes constitués des autorités coutumières, des représentants des femmes et des jeunes du secteur informel, des représentants des communautés victimes d’accaparement des terres, d’OSC, des universitaires et des autorités administratives et politiques venant de l’Afrique.

Caravane Ouest Africaine, droit à la Terre, à l’Eau et à l’Agroécologie paysanne: une lutte commune !

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Après celle de mars 2016, la CGLTE OA organise la deuxième édition de la caravane ouest africaine, Droit à la terre, l’eau et à l’Agroécologie Paysanne : une lutte commune ! du 10 au 30 novembre 2018
Guinée - Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo et Benin
Plus de 300 personnes participeront à cet évènement qui touchera plus de 10 000 personnes composées de Communautés, Organisations et Mouvements Paysans, Eleveurs, Pêcheurs… ONG, Défenseurs des droits humains, Femmes, Jeunes.