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Saturday 6 January 2018, by mcoul

Our solidarity is based on the following convictions and principles, which unite our struggles:

  • Human rights to water, food and land are fundamental and essential for life. All men and women, adults and children, rich or poor, rural or urban must be able to enjoy it.
  • Water, land, pastoral and fisheries are not only vital natural resources, but also part of our common heritage, whose security and governance must be preserved by each community for the common good of our societies and communities. the environment, today and for generations to come.
  • Water, land, seeds, pastoral and fisheries are common goods, not commodities.
  • The legal and constitutional mandate we recognize for the state is to represent the interests of the people. Reason why the state has the duty to oppose any international policy or treaty that threatens human rights and their own sovereignty, including dispute settlement mechanisms between companies and states, such as those included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the majority of investment treaties.
  • Land, water and pastoral and fisheries management policies must promote the achievement of social equity, gender equality, public health and environmental justice.
  • The firm refusal of any form of foreign occupation and domination


Caravane Ouest Africaine, droit à la Terre, à l’Eau et à l’Agroécologie paysanne: une lutte commune !

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Après celle de mars 2016, la CGLTE OA organise la deuxième édition de la caravane ouest africaine, Droit à la terre, l’eau et à l’Agroécologie Paysanne : une lutte commune ! du 10 au 30 novembre 2018
Guinée - Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo et Benin
Plus de 300 personnes participeront à cet évènement qui touchera plus de 10 000 personnes composées de Communautés, Organisations et Mouvements Paysans, Eleveurs, Pêcheurs… ONG, Défenseurs des droits humains, Femmes, Jeunes.

Mali - 4e édition du Village des Sans Terre à Ségou

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Ségou - Mali


La CMAT organise la 4e édition du Village des Sans Terre à Ségou les 26 et 27 mars 2018 à l’espace Mieru Ba

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